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The best Chicago style hot dog restaurant in the Salt Lake Valley.
Address7194 Union Park Ave Ste A Midvale, UT 84047-4168
Phone(801) 352-0372
Visit our Midvale, Utah, Chicago-style hot dog shopfor 100% beef hot dogs, Italian beef, bratwurst, and meatball sandwiches. Johnniebeefsis a 1950s - inspired diner featuring authentic Chicago-style hot dogs, great service, and a unique atmosphere. When John looked around Salt Lake City, it seemed to have everything but a good old 100% beef hot dog place. John changed all that, and Johnniebeefs was born to bring this American classic to our exceptional city.

"Think Fast: A pair of quality 'quickie' venues might have you rethinking fast food." - July 31, 2008

by City Weekly
Sunday, December 2, 2007 - Try Chicago fare close to home. -Deseret News

Friday, March 9, 2007- Dining out: Johnniebeefs Chicago Style Hot Dogs. - Deseret News

"For the ultimate all-beef hot dog steer yourself to Midvale and Johnniebeefs Chicago Dog. The incendiary Polish Fire Dog is also magnifique!"
- Ted Scheffler (

As a relocated Chicagoan all I can say is thank George Halas that you guys are back open again! Best Italian beef anywhere in Utah. I'll be back for sure! Go Bears!!!

the wet an hot is hands down the best food i have ever had in my life!!!

First saw the review in the food section of the SL Tribune. Tried it, been hooked since the first time. Love the Italian beef, wet and hot!!!

Tried the New Yorkie for the first time today. Amazing! I will always compare every hot dog I eat to Johnniebeefs. They are so good!

Carrie, which Lukes Beef? Algonquin, Arlington Heights?
Johnnie, keep up the great work. I keep bringing more and more co workers by, you've got them hooked.
Look for more details on the Chicago Area get together at Sweet Home Chicago, tentative is September 27th for the Bears/Packers. If interested, email me at dtmeihls at aol dot com for details.

(Posted on 2010-08-24 13:03:00 by Dan (formerly of Crystal Lake))

Love the Italian Beef !!! I am from the Chicago area. I used to go to a place called Lukes and the beef taste just the same... LOVE IT!!!

The Italian beef sandwich is the best! Was excited to come back and try the one with a sausage only to find you closed...then depression sat in:(
So glad I checked the website and found you have a temp location and are going to open in a new place soon. I will see you this week and spread the word:)

Always amazing! Service and food. Bummed you had to close it! You should reconsider opening one downtown!! it would be perfect!!!!

Thanks for the ital beefs spent years in addison il used to eat at portillos everyday!!! this place is as good as portillos hand down!!

Wow, I feel sorry for STEFF's fella, sounds like she could use a good "hot dog".

Just brought 2 of my co workers over there at lunch. Nice to see things haven't changed, besides no fries, no biggie. The Ital Beef sandwich was awesome. They raved about their Chicago Style Dogs on the way back to the office. Maybe we'll have a few more converts your way.....Heading to Chicago next week, i'll be sure to have a couple or 7 hot dogs and ital beefs at Portillos for ya.
keep at it. Love the place.

(Posted on 2010-06-25 18:28:00 by Dan (formerly of Crystal Lake))

OMG, if this is the best place for Chicago dogs in the Valley, then I will pass. Printed up a coupon, saw it was now located at a Texaco, went way out of my way, and all I got at the stand was "were closed." Nice personalities working there by the way. I would not have been surprised had I showed up at 10 pm, but this was a few minutes after 6. Iooked on the website, no mention of a 6pm closing. What place that serves food closes at 6pm? LOL, what a joke. Quickly discarded my coupon and gave up my quest for Utah's best dog!

Been to long since I came by near closing time for a super wet beef; buddy!! So bummed when I called just to see if you had started summer hours or not yet and then I find out you moved and are only open till 6!!!!! You're killing me my friend; killing me!!! Guess its pre-order and reheat in the microwave or call Portillos back in Chi Town for overnight : (
I sincerely hope all is well though my friend; take care and see you soon.

My bad...guess I should have read on. Karl and I will be by new location!

I'll miss not only the food but you as well. I enjoyed stopping in whenever I was in Salt Lake for a Ditka and good conversation. BEST OF LUCK !

My heart just dropped when your place was empty, I was not looking forward the long trip back to CHICAGO for a great tasting beef sandwitch or hot dog, the note on the door really helped change my attitude. Thanks' and see you soon John. (now that I know where to find you again)

Glad we found you again. We thought you closed up. Good to hear otherwise.
We will definitely be by.
Thanks for letting us know the website to look at.
We've always enjoyed our experience there. Thanks for your friendliness.

Glad I found you again! I will continue to visit your temp location until you can get a new street front location!

just saw the sign on the door at the old location, glad to see you found a new place so close by. see ya soon for an Italion Stallion

John - I am so glad you're back. I was going to offer to wear a Bears cap and burn my Packers sweatshirt in front of your place just to get you to come back. Thanks for saving me the trouble. See you soon at your new place. I need my Chicago Dog fix.

(Posted on 2010-05-24 17:23:00 by Tom "The Packer Fan")

So glad to hear there's a new location! We stopped by the old one and were so depressed when we saw that it was closed. We'll be visiting the new location soon!

Our new location is at 13th east and 7400 south at the In and out Market in's a smaller location with a limited menu and seating.......we are still looking for a location on the street with possible drive thru. We stll have most dogs and Italian beef..........................John
Come on in...............................

Does anyone know what the address is for the new/temp location?

Come-on John lets get opened again. I don't know if I can handle this withdrawl much longer. Ugh!!!!!!

I have never tried Johnies before but I am hooked! That Chicago dog rocked my soul! thanks

Jonnie, Come to American Fork!!! I drive up from Utah County all the time. I need my dog fix.

Great food still!!! So excited to have the best hot dog place in Salt Lake re-opened!!!

To the fellow from Crystal Lake - I am from Clearing and later Homewood, Illinois and like you missed the terrific hot beef sandwiches and Chicago hotdogs. My husband and I would be interested in your "Chicago reunion" and we know alot of other people who probably would be, too. Let us know if you can pull it off. We also go to Home Sweet Chicago - used to go to Pepe's in Illinois too, which was then owned by the H.S.Chgo. man - now it's a Mexican restaurant.
Jacky and Wendell Martin - West Jordan

(Posted on 2010-05-21 16:50:00 by Jacky and Wendell Martin)

Oh my gosh! We can't believe you are closed. We would come down from Clearfield just for the beef sandwiches and the Ditka burger. What will we do now? I hope you reopen soon. Come up north.

Maybe, once he reopens he needs to host a 'reunion' night for certain cities or what have you, that way people from there can get together and reminisce. Talk about how the Cubs still suck, how the Bears rock, etc. etc. etc. Anyone else game, I'll work on arranging something if everyone is interested. email me at We could also see if Joe at Sweet Home Chicago Pizza in Draper would do something like that as well. He's got the patio overlooking the South end of Draper. Maybe he'll even get some Old Style for the occasion. Let me know

(Posted on 2010-05-21 01:15:00 by Dan Meihls (formerly of Crystal Lake))

Great to see you back. Temp location will do until you can find permanent digs.
I know where I'm having lunch Saturday.....

I was saddened by the call my husband made tyo me- informing me that Johnnie Beefs was closed... it was as if a friend had passed. A really delicious, reminds-me-of-home friend that I just can't live without.
As evidenced by the plethera of comments, Ex-Chi Towners along with new Italian Beef and Red Hot fans are jonesing while we awaite your new location.
John, PLEASE tell me it's not over. We miss you so. I promise, I'll never use a coupon again.
You know we love you,

(Posted on 2010-05-19 23:39:00 by Lisa, Paul & Nichole (Go Cubbies!))

PLEASE PLEASE open again anywhere in the valley...I will drive however long it takes to get the real Chicago Dogs....PLEASE...on my knees here begging !!!!!!!!!!

When we pulled up and saw you were closed we just couldn't believe it. We told our son when we talked to him on Mother's Day who is on a mission in Singapore and he was so disappointed. You were his favorite as you know. We hope you are back up and running soon so we can enjoy are favorite hot dogs and let our son know that you will be here when he gets home. Good Luck!

Don't leave! Your dogs and beefs are the best. Get a better location and hang in there. We can drum up enough biz to keep you around!


Aaaarrrgghhhh!! I went for my weekly dog and you were closed. I am legitimately in mourning. This place was my favorite........

The best Chicago Hotdogs since we lived in Chicago. We already miss you so much. We too sat in front of the store stunned when we went to have lunch at Johnnies and you were closed. Good thing we bought a supply of tamales. We will sure miss you and your great food. Please let us know of your new location. Thank you for bringing a bit of home to us.

I miss getting my Chicago style hot dogs and the delicious beef sandwiches. Hope you can find a way to open again. Miss you.

We drove by and saw you were closed. I saw the tv program about John talking about trying to keep the restaurant open. OMG - I'm so sorry to hear. I'm a Chicago Native and I really hope John reopens and lets us know. We definetly will be back for the Italian Beef and Polish Dogs. Best of Luck - Hope to hear from you SOOOOOOOON!!!!

(Posted on 2010-05-14 18:39:00 by Heather & Chris Price)

We loved Johnnie Beef's- the food, the service, and the heart and soul you could just feel. We recommended it to everyone! Please let us know where you reopen and we will definitely be back. All the best!

Good luck in getting a new location, please let us know when you reopen.

(Posted on 2010-05-13 12:30:00 by Dan (formerly of Crystal Lake))

Going through withdrawals. Need an Italian Stallion, and some fries, and some cheese sticks, and a drink. Not to mention your awesome service and pleasant dining atmosphere. Nowhere else in Utah offers all of that. Please re-open soon and post an update on your site about what's going on.
You are planning on re-opening, right?

Let us know where we should be for the new store. Can't wait. Best of luck!

(Posted on 2010-05-12 03:18:00 by Michael from Chicago)

We're having withdrawls, now what? Where are we going to find our next fix? Beefs, Maxwell polish,oh this is not good. Please negotiate a lease somewhere quick. Willing to travel.

(Posted on 2010-05-11 02:03:00 by Melva, Brian, and cheer girls from Chicago)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! YOU CAN'T CLOSE!!! What are we going to do for Chicago-style beefs??? Nooooooooooooooo, this is horrible news. I hope you re-open soon in a location that would better support your success. I still think that would be on 12600 So. in Riverton, in the vacant Hogie Yogi store, next to the BASEBALL fields. Hogie Yogi was aweful! Who doesn't want a KILLER hot dog while watching baseball?!

(Posted on 2010-05-10 17:52:00 by Another Chicago native)

Good luck on the new location. We hope it's open soon. We miss our dogs and cheese fries.

I dream of an italian beef wet with hot peppers. Burn your mouth succulence on a soft gravy soaked roll. The wait staff is friendly and helpful and i just voted for them on Zagat as well. You need to visit this place. Seriously!

A Chicago native wishing John the best and hoping he reopens soon!

John, where are U?!? We can't believe you're gone :( We wish you the best of luck and hope you do open up again soon.

JOHN!!!! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!! The girls and I showed up last week and saw your sign and literally CRIED!! Please, please re-open!!! I will work for tamales!!!

Just saw that you were closed! I seriously almost cried. If you open a new location I will visit at least once a week. I am pregnant and have constant cravings for your hot dogs and french fries. Nowhere have I found better. Plus the service was fantastic!

I am a HUGE fan of Johnnies, always have been. Particularly all the food he sells. I hope you re-open soon!!!! We all do!!!!

I talked to John and he said he might be open again in a week or so at a nearby location. Best Beefs and Dogs this side of the Rockies! Hang tough.

We saw in the posts that there is going to be a new location. Please tell us where it is. We just love this place and tell everyone to eat there.

Hey, we went there for lunch today and it was closed down! We seriously sat there for a good 10 min taking it all in as this was by far, hands down, THE BEST place for a hot dog. Will there be another location? Please say yes! We miss you already!

This place will be back at another location. That was the best news I have heard. Support John and go to the new location at least once a week and bring a friend

A buddy and I went over for a Ditka today and were truly saddened to see Johnniebeefs had closed. We look forward to them opening again.

best hot-dogs around. wont eat a hot dog anywhere else, you're spoiled me. Let me know where the new place will be. Ill be there.

I love this place! My husband and I go here at least twice a week. I am pregnant and I have been craving chili cheese dogs. So when we found this place I was very happy. John (the owner) now knows us and our order. He makes us feel very welcome. I would recommend this place to every one.

When my wife was pregnant, she CRAVED an Italian beef sandwich like the vendors in Chicago. We had to mail order them because they did not exist in Utah. Until Johnnies! This is one of our family favorites. If you haven't had an Italian Beef sandwich, DO IT! You won't find anything else like it in Utah. I promise.

I love this place. I've been going there since not long after it opened. John, the owner, knows me by name and always makes me and my co-workers feel welcome. It's the perfect rememdy to a tough day at work. We always say: There's nothing that a good dog can't make you feel better about." So true...

I am from wisconsin and would drive to chicago at lease twice a month, just to get a polish, now that they put up a college they pushed the poor vendors to the tiny one way street by the freeway, so belive me when i tell u how truly disappointed i was when i stepped into johniesbeef. i was waiting for the smell of fresh grilled onions and mustard, well sad to say there was no onion smell and where were the prices in the menu, i bought 2 maxwell polish and a fry it came to 12.95 i was in shock! This was a rip off and if ted from the cw ever get to see this u need to try again

My friends and I can never get enough of Johnnies great food, and we constantly head that way for lunch. My wife has picked it as her birthday spot for the past three years in a row.
Also, you won't find a nicer guy than the owner Johnnie. He always engages his customers in friendly chat and asks how the food tastes. My response when he asks, "Fantastic as always Johnnie."

I love johnniebeefs! The owner is so friendly and is always working hard to make sure everyone enjoys the food. I wish he wood open up one on the west side of the valley :)

Great place to grab a Coney Island dog. The New York Deli dog is also great.

John is a great host. It's the closest to the real thing I have found here since moving from Chicago 30 years ago. Love the friendliness. The beef sandwich and Chicago dog are great. Wish it were closer ...need one on the west side of valley.

My all time favorite at Johnnie Beefs is the Ditka. It is a charbroiled beef patty combined with a bratwurst and other amazing toppings. In fact I love all of Johnnie Beef's amazing culinary creations from his Chicago Dogs to his Italian Stallion. Makes me want to become a Cubs fan.

Agree with Megan, better than Portillos! And John is great. Very friendly and runs a great shop. One of this Chicago boy's faves anywhere!

I'm embarrassed to say I'm going back today to get two more Utah Dogs after just being there yesterday! The owner? manager ?there is so friendly to everyone he makes friends out of everyone who comes in. And the hotdogs and buns are really great. I just lilke my plain with mustard. The poppyseed buns make it incredible. It's amazing what good food and wonderful customer service will do for a place. He always has customers.

LOVE this place. Come everytime I'm in Salt Lake. Better than Portillo's IMO. The proprietor makes sure to take very good care of us every time we come in.

Stopped by for dinner before a movie tonight. The flavors took me back 40 years. Girlfriend never had a Chicago Dog before, now she gets it. Got an Italian Stallion to go for lunch tomorrow. Johnnie took very good care of us. I'm a very happy guy.

Went to Johnnie Beefs in Midvale upon recommendation by my bro-in-law. He and my wife were raised in Chicago and I grew up a little south so this was a true treat. Some come close to the real deal, but Johnnie Beefs delivers teh goods 100%. They use the real stuff and thank God they have the real Chicago dog poppyseed buns! Too bad I live about 4 hours away, but I'll be back next time I'm in SLC.

We come from Chicago. This is the real deal. Same as if purchased in Chicago. They even have the Chicago style hot tomales now. Delicious, can't be beat!

Awesome job again on the food at Johnniebeef's. It's the closest we can get to Portillos, we'll take it.
Like I said yesterday, let me know when the shirts are in, we'll buy 2 or more of them.
Thanks again, see you soon.

(Posted on 2009-08-30 14:41:00 by Dan & Sue Meihls)

You can't go wrong with a Chicago dog from Johnniebeefs. If I lived within 30 miles of your place, I'd need an economic stimulus package myself to support my eating habits.


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